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AGEMENT OF OVERDOSE The signs and symptoms of overdose are

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Johnson syndrome Special Senses: Conjunctivitis, diplopia, optic neuritis. Hematologic:

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free drug that can act at receptor sites. Toxicity also

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Kansas and received his M.D. degree there in 1943. He went on to earn

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continuing medical education activities of community

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perceive now. In the past, law enforcement has not been

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the blood, which need not necessarily be palpably red.

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that’s about). Each chapter is heavily factually document-

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Trice, M.D.; Harold L. Williamson, M.D.; Woody N. York, M.D.;

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entirely by the first intention, that part of the wound which

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This course is designed primarily for physicians who are preparing for certification or recertification in internal

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result of life itself. Therefore our environment contained

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temperature monitored frequently. When a significant

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the print large and good, and the original illustrations, which are

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individualized care of the patient. However, the “as

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fruits such as apple, pears, peaches at 4-7 months,

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to every practitioner who has had opportunities of attending cases

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increasing till it reached the size of a bantam's egg. It then went

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retired from practice in Buffalo, New York, but economic

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drug metabolism is shown in Table 3. These studies were

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caseous degeneration, with softening and excavation, giving rise to

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might come under my care. It was suggested by my former colleague,

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having the opportunity of studying the features of the cases which I

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submitted to hearing officers, hearings will be convened

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patient with negative arthrogram and continuing symp-

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foot disorders in children he can treat many of them

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have been performed at the University of Miami and at

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job or change in position. This is unfortunate. Many

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