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Outline. History and review. Personal experience with the use of whole blood by the intraperi-
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Obstetric Deaths Resulting from Operative Deliveries Other Than Cesarean Section
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And, in conclusion, the authors tell us that “it may
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Products of modern research offered to the medical profession
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Dr. H. E. Russell (Hahnernannian Medical Monthly) says :
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Clearfield James L. Comely, Morrisdale George R. Taylor, Philipsburg
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293 CENTRAL PARK WEST, NEW YORK, N. Y .— Tel. SChuyler 4-0770
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A California physician makes the above statement, and explains
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the members adjourned at 5 p. m. to the Y. W. C. A.
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and no doubt it is of some value in certain conditions.
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Service System provide for a distinction between (1)
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* Sulfapyridine was offered for general use on March 15, 1939.
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again depending on the condition of the patient. . . .
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. . that prescribing Biolac reduces the possibility of up-
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three examples go to show that quantity consumed is no criterion
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Carlyle N. Haines, Sayre, Theodore R. Fetter, Phila-
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I‘ig. 3. (A) Intravenous pyelogram showing complete blocking of left ureter. (B) Four years later. Intravenous pyelo-
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Pharmacy presents Webber-Pepsin, S. & D., with a guarantee
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