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The Upas Poison. — \ Dangkrous Experimext. — The upas tree of

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in the right eye. The pain was, however, thought to^be neui-algic, and

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tus globulus Labillardiere, Eucalyptus oleosa F. V. Mueller,

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pus was, -being discharged from both orbits ; the sense of smell was

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Derivation. — Atropine is dissolved in sulphuric acid

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swells considerably in water ; the embryo whitish or pale

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was considered, as far back as 1795, by Sommering, as the cause of

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mouth, stomach, intestines, lungs, uterus and kidneys. The

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purgative and more efficient hepatic stimulant. It is indi-

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Spra^ue, of New York, the thanks of the Convention were tendered for the

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able from other plants of the natural order Loganiaceas.