be frequently given, preferably a tincture of the oil, though an
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mode of examination which we designate by the name of
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the blood can be so changed as to enable it to circulate, this
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clined to chase and harass the ^^ drawbacks/' were it even
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over the entire body. The hair falls off or is rubbed or
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Hyoscyamus is another example, though not quite so marked.
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evitable in the life of a distinguished surgeon, — he
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shows, hefore other symptoms can, the existence of disease and
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Stimulants were freely given, but she died at 10 p. m , forty-
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Valuable suggestions are many times obtained by closely ob-
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speedy relief. It possesses no equal in the treatment of lumbago,
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corrective, and in irritation of the neck of the bladder it is deemed
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portant thing to dread, a basin of this in solution, with a
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atonic states with increased flow of mucus. In sub-acute and
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claims and brazen effrontery of something new and special, which,
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especially as it warns against irritant substances and leads to
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ty-seven years, and who did not menstruate until two
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cases in children, and in one adult case. The inhalation
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ways in the identical language of Mr. Wells's model book. I
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mences in the arterioles, the enlargement is less marked than in
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Lastly, certain opthalmoscopes are furnished with a mi-
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bid accumulations in the fluids, as well as abnormal change in
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prone to concentrate their interest and their discus-
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dents, which have been noticed ; nevertheless, the condi-
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pensable/' as a soldier and a statesman, his army-captains
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ens the heart and markedly modifies the dyspnea. It is also a
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tout," Trousseau sneers at that Method by way of comparing
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from a speedy rupture of his bladder — sifahula vera! This
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Dose. — Fluid extract, 1-20 to 3 drops; specific medicine, 1-20
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ever, the special friends of the microscope have claimed too
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the ergot bottle was empty, but the bottle of carbo-veg. was full.
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appeared greatly improved in every respect, except she was
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clouds. Be that as it may, German savans remain still
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the heart its tonic influence is promptly made apparent. In doses
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tional diseases of the heart; chronic laryngitis; cough arising
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mentioned as a remedy in the treatment of diarrhea and in
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32. That not only may the brain be destroyed, but the
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Indications. — Flashes of heat ; burning of the surface and
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edy, and in acid conditions of the digestive organs of children
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and examined with particular care. The microscopical
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'^ no other nation is entitled to boast of such a chefd'ouvrCj'*
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lacca for mammary irritation, cactus for functional heart disease,
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like the noises produced by blowing into a jug. The amphoric
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"Given a cough with dryness, explosiveness and irritation,