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For information: Robert J. Thompson, M.D., 655 West 8th Street,

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conclusion, which proved to be correct, that the patient was the subject

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assess by special tests such properties as mutagenicity

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into a " callous, bloodless substance," which draws in the thoracic wall

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Culture and Comment, The New Relationships Between the

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errors of diagnosis and prognosis, and expose ourselves and our art to

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of students, who will find the tables so arranged on the chart as to

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A case of poisoning by rancid butter came under our observation

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supposed at first that this was not a case of inherited syphilis, but there

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Editor Clyde M. Collins, M.D., of Jacksonville, and Mrs. Gerold L. Schiebler of Gainesville sing a duet at the annual Editt

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Dr. Anderson was Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Veterans

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