factors that produced vomiting. Dr. Atthill threw out a suggestion that
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5 Insall, J.N., et al: A Comparison of Four Models of Total Knee Replacement Prosthesis. J
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sions, thus, all negative religious attitudes on this subject
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is very suggestive for future pathological inquiry. _ No data are
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public education was promoted in the primary preven-
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inadequacy on increased absorption and on the reduc-
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recording, and analyzing personal or practice experience over a continuum. Research activities in family
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polyps, angioedema and bronchospastic reactivity to aspirin or other nonsteroidal
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FMA’s state legislative program, the Committee meets
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occur. Patient visited in three hours; no haemorrhage; stomach
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subcellular pathogenetic progression of this disease may
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8. Jailing, B.: Plasma and Cerebral Fluid Concentration of Phenobarbital in Infants, Dev.
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being done in order to accommodate the desires of a
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intake (margarine, butter or cheese) can be quickly
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(the blade passed up almost to the handle, a distance of about two
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Dr. Prather is State Health Officer, Health Program Office, DHRS,
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More physicians today realize what a tough problem we’re all faced
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Discussion Leader: Everett V. Sugarbaker, M.D., Associate
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times daily Bent yl Imection Adults 2 ml. (20 mg ) every four to six
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treatment of fever there is not much calling for notice. Several
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Pediatric Surgery, University of Florida College of Medicine.
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lutea existed, although there was apparently no receptacle of any kind
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Medicine, Tampa; and S. Anthony Wolfe, M.D., Clinical Assistant
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tuberances on it plainly perceptible ; but she had the most extraordinary
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major dietary factor contributing to this disease in
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away in twenty minutes; put on a binder, everything being apparently all
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occurred to him the previous night provided a clear
St. Antoine Hospital, complete gangrene of the injured part (in
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saturated fat diets also may be related to colon and breast
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line, the seizure is evidenced by brief and very mild tonic-
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when she was not careful to observe our injunction to eat and drink in great
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foot.” In this foot the inner border of the foot bulges; the
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lactose. If gastrointestinal symptoms develop after
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James A. Winslow Jr., M.D., Tampa, Judicial Council
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affections were in reality syphilis cases, which would yield to bichloride
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“pregnant or lactating women and infants determined by
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