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heavily located. We also have plans for a beeper network
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presence of the phenomenon in ecchymosed swellings, it did appear to
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There is pitting on pressure, especially in the mesial line, over the
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provided. Rent $250 per month. Competent laboratory and x-ray
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that occur naturally in some foods are also eliminated.
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ergol of rye, given in doses of 15 m. of the liquid extract every half hour
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notes of the case, he had particularly expressed the opinion that this
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of this autologous transfusions provide a great advantage
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and Cu could be statistically correlated to high caries
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in its different modifications and registers are clearly given and
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TORIES, INC . Swiftwater, Pennsylvania 18370 or TAYLOR PHAR-
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Mr. Flaherty began his career with the Blues in 1961,
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arteries, the central nervous system, cell membrane, and
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is in the hands of the actual working practitioner an
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regard for our professional character and for the credit of our art should
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10. Grow, T. E.: Nutritional and Oral Health, J. Fla. Med. Assn., (April) 1979.