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question nearly at rest, the addition of another cannot be amiss,

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Rapids, Michigan began to add fluoride to their drinking

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Medical Education as FMA’s principal channel to the

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27 deaths occurred in No. 3 district, south side; 21 were admitted

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The choice of the store at which the parents should

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amount of deaths from zymotic causes, according to the Registrar-

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cents are obese; 20% of all Americans are hypertensive. 1

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Wednesday, May 23. Pictured (left to right) are: FMA Executive Vice President W. Harold Parham, D.H.A., Jacksonville;

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This study concluded that the total sucrose intake and

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may be difficult to diagnose, may be present. Since

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changes in texture and color and is easily pluckable.

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typhoid fever occurred in the house of a dairyman : out of seventy-

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learning to stand and walk. Therefore, roughly up until

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that in the event that Blue Shield of Florida is unable to accomplish this

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excellent homesite/investment opportunity. 1 and f 2 miles via graded,

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cerebral arteries, by which the left motor centre and Broca's region of

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products of bile salts that may have potential carcinogen-

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allergic pneumonitis have occurred with thiazides alone

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condo-office in medical complex with 1,200 sq. ft. of office space.

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own needs. Statistics lag years behind. The A M A lists

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functions by a system of reference committees. There are five

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Nutritional adequacy is a basis for the function and

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Association; and the AMA Executive Committee and Chairman of the

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In this case, judging from the amenorrhoea, the defective breasts, and

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men, and yet were in the habit of drinking many tumblers of punch every

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attention being paid to co-existing uterine disease, which is viewed

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The influence of occupation in inducing the disease, and in-

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Both of the specimens were well-marked examples of epithelioma,

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there had been strong evidence of muscular debility. In cases where

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containing 5 grs. in 3i-, and the injection is best made in the

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medical societies and the Council over matters of internal

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] disease a period of five years with less surgical bone

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decided upon, several of the following techniques have

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