tients received the alkaline treatment, consisting of
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by its teachings, we are to conclude that either this obscure
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on the dentist's account for any reason whatsoever,
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vanism, it will be remembered, appeared to succeed in some cases,
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snfiferers. The malady, however, spread no fiurther, and besides
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plete hindrance to the passage of the food, which latter
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small as not to be shown by a:;-ray. He thought there was
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To secure a prompt and safe postal delivery, the Publishers of
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Acid Gas, always for sale. Also, Portable Glas^ Fountains, of Mr. John Matthews' make; and
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is suggested for the relief of severe, acute, toxic
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posse valet consecutio ;'' indeed, legislation should never have been
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upon The General Fact and Philosophy of Evolution (The Plant
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])erineal incision is indicated as well as a suprapu-
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and actinism^ are due to the combustion of metallic bodies such as
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the necessary wearing out of a finite machine or the
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power of charcoal powder depends upon its being both fresh and
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waking, and does not enjoy his breakfast ; neither do the liver or
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infected district. Some few cases were received at the hospital
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future occasion. He considered the cause of secondary
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some interesting censures upon strictures, and believes, from the
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so strong in regard to this, that I actually advocate horizontal sec-
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who perceives that there is a reason for his conduct
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sulting-room as feeling quite well, and so I found him. On
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found it where no ulcer was discovered at the subsequent
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rare and is probably confined to the extremely rare
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persistent range of high temperature associated with con-
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2 drams ; sheep, 20 grains ; pigs, 10 grains. Excellent
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Dr. Ralph. E. Shrom. Lieutenant, Medical Corps, U. S.
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•evend examples of enthusiastic investigators, whose lives have been
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in cows, but nearly all domestic animals are subject to it.
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to cover both the ulcer and the plaster, having been carefully
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avoiding results of dubious value. Duniap also sug-
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lation, beside adequate digitalis therapy, the most
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teeth, as follows: The two central incisors are shed at
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and final decision of operative work in a patient's
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relief of ptosis and its attendant toxemia frequently
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of eradication consists of widely opening the cyst,
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that live upon the surface of the body of many different