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be Bii^ade Surgeon Lieutenant-<;olonel, vice W. Nash, April 1st. Dr.
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J. Robertson, J. Scott, W. .Shedden, T. D. Smith, J. Wells.
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ordinarily appear until twenty-four hours after injection ; and
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among other details, the course of the various tracts of the
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should if possible be removed to orphanages, tjuite apart
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with residence and attendance. Applications to the Honorary Secre-
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out noise. Laforest makes five sizes, according to theweightof the
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Factory, Alkali, and Mining Acts has not been left to local
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the author to correct, we can only conclude by again com-
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Simulation of intestinal obstruction due to irritation and
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through. Collar badge : a miniature of the arm badge worn by warrant
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and the antivaccinationists. The report shows that as a
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plained that, although they were promised to be paid in
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to which the cliild also went who was removed on February Sijth.
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form of perforation, and mentions a case of Czerny's" in which
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times gone past many faulty incisions were made from a
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M.E.C.S. would like to l)e advised as to the best books on venereal dis-
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and the white varieties. There was more hyperplasia in the
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albumen, so that patients always best avoided loss of albumen
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been so treated was exhibited. In his case the whole of the
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11 midwives ; one midwife having had 4 deaths, and another
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vessels from it to all parts which the physician Nehsext, priest and
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"o. Leprosy is indirectly inliuenced by insanitary sur-
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the Egyptians. No means of artificial protection against putrefaction
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undertaken, except under favourable circumstances, though
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Some cases of Dill'use Suppuration in the Liver.- E. Markham Skerbitt
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■on September 4th and 7th two trained nurses, four days later two servant
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The local sanitary authorities of West Derby and Wavertreo, two
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tained. Sometimes it a question is put to him towards the
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Glasgow Faculty gives the following rhyme as a cure for a
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the liquid which is to be filtered maybe gradual. The two
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trict of the Kingston Union, rice R. Skimming, M.D., resigned.
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advantage quite as much as the deaf and dumb, for whom
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the medical staiV; and, if =o, whether ihe Department would consider the
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versity College, Cardiff, and a similar amount to the Moi;,-|^
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sufferers, and for this reason alone, apart from any question
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This Bill, first introduced in 1886, has, with but little alteration, been
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was calculated to have on the future of the Scottish Univer-
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ROYAL VICTORIA HOSPITAL, Bournemouth.-Ophthalmic Surgeon;
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says his notification came first under his notice. I hold it is nuite
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the house. Dr. Low does not regard these conditions as likely to have
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Ophthalmological Society of United Kingdom. Transactions. 1892.