believing that they have value. Strychnine, it is stated, will sometimes

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there is threatened heart- failure, digitalis, alcoholic drinks, and other

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The hysterical woman is self-conscious and self-centred, always occupied

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wrists, whilst the fingers and thumbs are bent into the position assumed

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of medicine. The simplicity and clearness of diction, with the gene-

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much rarer affection even in dyspeptics than is the gastric vertigo directly

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genuine atrophied kidney of chronic interstitial nephritis and an atro-

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distinguished by the absence of the peculiar disturbances of sensation

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ties or of great power or wealth. Such cases as these may be considered

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longed by artificial respiration. We have seen the vigor of the heart

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which are capable of irritating the alimentary canal are harmful in most

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or 64.7 per cent. 74 out of 193 examples of compound fracture of

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often sources of organic and functional disease in women, being produc-

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in the form of curd-like masses than as flakes. In chronic catarrhal

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vas pushed back by a loop of thick silver wire. The margin of the

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of vulnerable tissues, but who is not tuberculous until infected by the

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the mucous membrane and submucous tissue may be so thickened as to

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the operation, severe chills set in, followed by fever; then double

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MORBID ANATOMY. The amyloid degeneration of an otherwise

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particularly disagree as to the more serious import of stenosis or insuffi-

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TREATMENT. A mediastinal abscess should be aspirated, great care

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of the nutrition of the walls of the blood-vessels and the lymphatics as

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In making a modified diet list for a case of obesity, lean meat, in-

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excluded by the absence of expansile pulsation and the disappearance of

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dead bone, which was almost as easily removed as lifting it from a

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diet or to profuse sweating, as in excessive muscular work or fever, is of

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TREATMENT. The treatment of pancreatitis is practically that of a

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In Circular Insanity, or Cyclothymia, the symptoms follow a more or

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in number. The rapid growth of bacteria in the urine makes it de-