hour or two, according to circumstances, and if, the more opium he
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epigastrium is retracted because the thoracic cage in toto is elevated.
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This is also demonstrated by the average minimum temperature, that of
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of saccharine urine, with a great tendency to emaciation and suppressed
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tebrse, in case it might be required for identifying the individual by the teeih.
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amittit in omnibus et expensas. Apparentia quidem sola tenet eos, et non currant quid
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per for a man to jiraise himself, has particularized the case of a writer
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Months— Dissection. By James Sx.-^ie.— Susan Barr, aged fifty-one, was admitted on
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Roily. Archiv f. Exp. Path. u. Pharmacologic 1899, vol lxii.
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or, in general, toward results which are of use only in and for them-
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bleeding, and mercury; the swelling, heat, and redness of the part went ofl^, but
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the sac had passed info the subcutaneous cellular membrane. She passed the
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which the examination was made, it was not so thorough as ought to be
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of a boy of nine years of age, who died of apolexy, with a vast effusion of blood.
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cold or the tepid affusion. If these means fail, it may be proper to draw
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ever, continues; pulse, skin and tongue unaltered; thirst great; no urine. A
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It has been lately proposed to emplo}' the stimulus of electricity and galvanism
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sulphate. The precipitated urobilin is filtered off, allowed to dry
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the thirtieth and seventieth day after the first injection. The
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asthenic. This sufficiently proves that we cannot attribute to inflammation the
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Animals suffer with many paralytic diseases, the etiology of a
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ceived with many grains of allowance. It is a well known fact, that
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admission the urine contained a trace of albumin, numerous hyaline and
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thyroid (groups A, B, or C), the same factors were taken into
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the excitement by galvanism is much less obvious. Hence he was led to sus-
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mach was considerably congested. That of the small intestines in a slight
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several other equally glaring defects of arrangement common to most,
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than that of East Florida. Unlike the class of posts on the coast of New