area of a hundred rods in diameter ; but the few houses in which the dis-

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is a pleasure to express here my sense of indebtedness to him.

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peared to be about the same in the two types. No difference in

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remained in the same state as regards silence, motionless position, and an

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lation, as one of the same description without a companion in

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Simple asthenic fever is a form of much more importance.

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these. A remarkable case of this kind occurred lately in the

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called cerebral diseases, often have their site in other parts of

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the axilla. It is rarely, if ever, contained in the saliva, nor, as a rule, is

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individual cases. There was no reason to believe that the disease was

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back by the umbilical vein ; which, by means of a branch

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j Prof, Flint, in the fourth edition of his great work,

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sioned can be borne. Dr. Maclean states that in some cases where the

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light area designated as the motor root (M.R.V.) in figure II is

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my study, there was nothing in his appearance to denote disease. On

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which the disease proves fatal by asthenia, the powders of life are gradu-

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least ten times as nximerous as those from the chorda.

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over a limited circuit, affecting those only who have been in habits of

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Maqasin contains an account of some highly interesting researches

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consisting. of but three or four fibers could not be seen with the

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to introduce aliment by means of the stomach-tube. Under these circum-

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color in some cases is uniform, but in other cases the surface presents a

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persons addicted to intemperance. In these cases it is sometimes difficult

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of the kidneys ensues, recovery will be likely to take place. If from the

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be performed by the gongyle of the thallus. Tlie essential part

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duct. Such a tumor may be removed, but, in general, tumors so situated

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occurrence and render it persistent, we have no positive knowledge.

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Fowler's arsenical solution is the form generally emplo3^ed, given in doses

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ledged or openly averred by nearly all succeeding cultivators

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I am under great obligation to Doctor Ayers for opportunity

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tion that occurs to me is, that it should be made strong, for as the

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to be able to explain, but I may be permitted shortly to allude

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patient stated, after his recovery, that he recollected what had occurred

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patient was observed to exhibit any incoherence after delivery,

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Before treating of the different species of fever separately, it will be