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Messes. Verity, of Regent Street, have got together a small

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portraits of the Hunter family will be lent by Mr. Hunter-

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My usual dose is 10 gr. of urotropin and 10 gr. of sodium benzoate, to

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of their medical officers ; for, when the clubs under the old

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guineas. The Secretary is Mr. E. J. Southam, 2, New Square, Lincoln's

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employed.. Below are a few instances in which tropacocaine

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caries' Society to constitute themseUvs censors of general

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Wholly different from the drug poisons which we have just been

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Chronic laryngitis is usually caused by repeated attacks of acute

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the loss of sensation is rarely so pronounced as that of motion.

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University of Berlin, and Director of the Moabit Hospital in

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duced by other organisms. I once had a patient in whose throat there

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doubling the population, and further aggravating the insani-

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with everything necessary for a hospital, for the service of the

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found, especially in the aged, without cardiac hypertrophy.

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almost nothing but rice, and yet they are no more subject to diabetes

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midwife a clean light-coloured cotton dress is not only

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with the mass of cases which must have occurred years ago to

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Changes in the heart are not specific, and are similar to those occur-

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Cataleptic attacks are not imknown in hysteria, which disease may

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separate from the thyroid. Thyroidectomy causes little effect in them,

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literary henchmen, representing nearly all the chief cities of

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cases continues for two months or more. Occasionally the process

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be directed, since they have to do with applications for the

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indicanuria, and this is commonly accompanied by constipation.

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or the ribs, and then perforate them. How such a soft bag as an

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organ that atrophies in old age, which, if experimentally removed, is

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origm and in its being highly contagious. The duration of this Rocky

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examination of the blood, which will show the presence of the para-

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1.0075. In all manmials it is one of the most abimdant secretions in

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of longitudinal, as in the intima. It is composed of two layers, the

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volves undoing bandages or other appliances, the medical man in

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which are from time to time exhibited to the public, few are

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other joints than the knee. It had been noticed in an earlier

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expression " internal secretion." We think that this term is

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