“There’s not a wit of logic in that. Even if you assume

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in the absence of explanation, the reason offered for the scrap-

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any dizziness or vomiting and there was no history of traumatism

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of impending abortion, without expulsion of the fetus. The latter may

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tinct understanding that they are contributed solely to this Journal and will not be

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into one or the other of these categories all things relating to

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defiuiiciy, and ii msy be necessan- to trephine into each sinus.

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better results from the use of autogenous vaccines. The treatment

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Gardos and Cole 3 administered papaverine in doses of

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Cheas m degenerated wheat, because it appears among fall wheat

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general content, instead of becoming "sublimated" into some-

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For additional information contact: Gerald H. Escovitz,

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caffein is offered by the action of caffein on excised perfused

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The endothelium is intact, the walls of the vessels show moderate

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applies with equal force whether the category of mem-

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the pulverized insoluble substance, of the bacilli themselves. In the latter,

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many points of similarity to ours. As was brought out in a

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pital, Chicago. Volume I, Number 2, April, 1912. Published bi-

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H. E. Handerson, M. D. J. V. Gallagher, M. U G. N. Stewart, M. D.

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large hyperchromatic nucleus. C, a cell with two normal nuclei. D, a cell with

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conditions predispose to disease which easily develops in these

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different districts, the establishment of such societies of emulation

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the veins within the abdomen. At the same time there ap-

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test is made by the contact of the spinal fluid with a saturated

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defect, with careful examination of the nose and throat. In most cases

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in cervical radiculopathies; in 77 percent of their se-