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cafeteria can serve 10-12 students per minute when all

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The problem of extrapolating from animal studies to

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21 Donaldson, R. M Diet and Gastrointestinal Disorders (editorial), Gastroenterology

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the need for new scientific evaluation of safety of

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reader to his very instructive monograph on the subject.*

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and both patients recovered without any bad symptom. At the end

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weather, placed the patient in a most favourable hygienic position

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nutrition, deficiencies of trace elements may be ex-

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29th November. — Every day the stump has been dressed as usual ;

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She had never menstruated. The external parts were natural and

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ficient. There may be some truth in what has been said, that there is

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nitrogen:calorie ratio is increased to 1:450-700 to

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Consecutive laryngeal phthisis, according to the author, is more

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safety, immunization, health testing/screening programs, blood donor programs, organ donor programs, worry

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febrile condition of the system, and an acid sour smell off the breath. Such

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appointed by the Sheriff; aided the destitute as a member of the Board

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evidence it may have a mild antihistaminic effect. If we

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the wound in the artery, to restrain which the pressure in the groin

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Furunculus, Hyperidrosis, Vaccinia, Varicella, and Diseases of the

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the posterior mediastinum. In this group of 17 patients

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consulted my friend, Dr. Bagot, of Enniskillen, who sounded him,

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looking young woman, the daughter of a farmer. Her family was rheu-

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I go to work each night with a sense of fulfillment

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To my successor, Dr. Dick Hodes, I extend my best wishes for the

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