culled from hospital and private practice. In detailing these,

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inflammatory origin, and but very rarely tuberculous and primary. He

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pression; suicidal tendencies may be present and protective

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increased by sexual intercourse, rather than of any actual pain in the seat

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the local distribution of services. Population growth for

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available at the FMA registration area in the foyer of the

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nutrient intake is ensured, the patient is at risk for

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He is a member of a family that has been active in the

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obtainable in a vegetarian diet, but must be varied. For

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The anorexic effectiveness of diethylpropion hydrochloride is

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have been studied by Alfred Swanson, M.D., in Grand

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of health. So far as practical medicine is concerned, what we want

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physician needs special skills and use of other’s

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in a population. This is an appropriate use of the RDA but

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Florida’s 15 congressional districts, advises the Board of

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All subspecialties are benefiting from the techniques.

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reading before the British Medical Association in 1867. The view he

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the symptoms of low grade cyanide poisoning (nausea,

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of vitamin C increase survival of terminal cancer patients

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2411, Jacksonville, Florida 32203. This service is for the use of


Chloroform was used in 131 cases, and in all, so far as the anaesthetic

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dropsy," though none where the state was present in so marked a degree

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Precautions: If combined with other psychotropics or anticon-

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In patients with active peptic ulcer and active rheumatoid arthritis, nonulcerogenic

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