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vesicles are yellow and puruloid, owing to the copious admixture of
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its limpid aspect and sweetish taste, often alone suffices to place the
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are especially serviceable in the same direction, for instance, a weekly
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Davis & Co. we find a pure compound. Suitable amounts
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are often hard to find, although, from the irritation which they produce
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of pepsin and HCJ, fluoride of sodium being added to prevent
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cated by the peculiar odor emitted by the gaseous perspiration of pa-
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spiration. But, if the bodily temperature rise to 102 or 104, the loss
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ward, and that it sometimes recurs with every gonorrhoea which the
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Hydrocephalic effusions are due partly to increased lateral pressure
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careful observations made at my clinic by Liebermeister and Tmmer-
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simple rest in bed. If, after the gonorrhoea has entirely abated, there
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Out of 36 cases of chronic colitis, which I recorded in the
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fluxion from the brain by inducing fluxion to the skin, intestines, geni-
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face, the eruption spreads along the course of the facial nerve, espe-
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the 'irine may be evacuated every two or three hours.
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tigator have been available, makes a distinction between congenital
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wonderful firmness at the approach of death in tedious diseases, the
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has developed after the commencement of treatment, but, in
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duration. Are we at liberty to suppose that it is only now and then
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cial food ; but, if the mother have not milk enough, or if she be sickly
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in the form of the juice of green lemons, and a further
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increasing the pressure within the glomeruli, which still remain intact,
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appear to be of the gravest prognostic importance in infected adults. In two
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autopsy of persons who have died of pernicious intermittent, we often
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The local symptoms are usually preceded for a long time by
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like the contractions, appears several weeks after the fit, and the
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most unfavorable symptoms, and the continuance of the evacuations
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Ulcer, gastric, and neuritis of the vagus ..... ^44
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contradicts the supposition that the origin of the disease lies in the
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since the cell-formation is not confined exclusively to the surface of