pressure on those lying in one of the other chambers, in spite of the
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who investigated the subject of retrouterine hsematocele, and fixed
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are excessively favorable in such places, as the soil of large cities
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hi serious structural change at the centre of volition, but, in some cases,
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section, and, as the old operation had left the leg in a
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being limited from insufficient supply of nourishment. Thus, in per-
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through the wide sphenopalatine foramen to the nose, compared with
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What promises to be one of the most interesting advances in
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electric contractility, exists, as obtains in cerebral palsy, while, upon
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the diffuse nor the circumscribed form of psoriasis palmaris and plan-
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rence of menstruation, or cause its arrest. It is not always easy
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Esmarch's band so disturbed the opsonic index, that the
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About five or six weeks after the formation of the indolent buboes,
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the supposition can now be confirmed by the X-rays, but
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readily causes contraction of muscles, which for months have been be-
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somewhat fuller bladder, but he must hasten to find some befitting
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or five if they are well borne, which they almost always are. Three
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tions, when repeated a great many times, have the effect of extinguish-
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new blood-red ones make their appearance. Now and then haemor-
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victims. It may terminate fatally at any period, death taking place
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culous origin is lost. The leucocytes usually show a moderate
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tain, but often act injuriously on the course of the disease ; lastly, that
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our grandmothers were wont to employ for " drawing " boils.
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the body, w^ere also most encouraging. He had recently been
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which the first and essential need is to stop the flow into the
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TREATMENT. If the obstruction lie in the urethra only, diligent
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regards flexion, by the relative ease with which the prominent
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compared with the lightly infected. For this reason it is
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ysis compared to that after other diseases, as well as by the marked
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filled with liquid, which are seated in the cervical canal and about the
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of abortions due to the malposition. In these cases, if the
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That a syphilitic child, although it rarely infects its mother, often does
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and painful urinary irritability indicates invasion of the bladder,
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When general, it may be relieved by tepid sponging, but, as
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as a striking example of how extension of the palsy may be of great
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of growth to any micro-organism present in the circulation.
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more than 30 years ; it was the main topic of the Harveian
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properly treated in sanatoriums, often show a moderate degree
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TREATMENT. Prophylaxis. When the flesh of a slaughtered hog
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concemed. But of this use of bacterial vaccine I have as
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by the continued irritation of the deposits, after a time cause pain, dif-
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It is not wise to have a standard vaccine, excepting in the