extremely small; and at present the Ehrlich interpretation of toxin and
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United States has suffered more from yellow fever than any other country.
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16. Whether beneficiary is dependent upon appHcant.
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during the febrile exacerbation ; in typhoid fever the bacilli may be obtained
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In 1901 it was in Penang, and in Beirut, Syria, in which latter section few
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tongue, angina, and a uniform rash. Measles — Marked constitutional
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it may in some instances be bilateral. In these latter cases virility is usually
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The pulse early in the disease is usually rapid, small and of low tension.
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various guises illumined his sad heart, but neither
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by a sudden transition to the respiratory type, with diffuse bronchitis and
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severity the types are pneumonic, septicsemic, bubonic, and pestis minor.
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bacteria that approach closest in comparison to the natural fluids of the body
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Rheumatic pleurisy may and frequently does occur without pericarditis,
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starting point of the epidemic which occurred in St. Petersburg toward the
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and bronchi the mucous membrane is inflamed and at times shows hemor-
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lesions of the glomeruli and their complete atrophy. It is
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typhus fever appears much earlier than that of typhoid fever and continues
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mortality of the married female again slightly exceeds that
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recesses and folds, and the l}Tnphatic tissues of the nasopharyngeal mucous
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early enough to give the best chance for recovery. The problem given us is
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the skin, and if an attack of acute rhermiatism has occurred and the climate
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be stimulated to greater activity, as is probably most common in glandular
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from Copenhagen and over 6,000 of the 7,782 inhabitants were stricken. In
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spots of different figures" (Sydenham). The eruption usually appears on
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