communications were made to the English Universities. The results of these
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his teeth himself and to gargle. Before he has learned to gargle he may
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(i) that lecithin when added to blood containing ether is capable
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water poured over the body, are the most desirable.
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Where so many different surgical diseases and lesions have been
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In the preface, he states that he has avoided any allusion to his
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In reviewing the latter half of this work, we are desirous of
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had found it successful, the pulse being lowered, and the surface
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eight days, an extract prepared from the dried blastomyces by grinding. Before
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— viz., whetlier the exudation takes place in the air-cells, or external
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obtained possession of the country, the deposit referred to was
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Bongert. Ref. a. d. 8. Internal. Congress Veterin., Budapest, 1905.
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ence, they exert the strongest effect in preventing the development of
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lie down ; on both sides of her neck, just above the clavicles, were
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I come now to describe shortly the different forms of hospitals
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admirable methodicity in performing scientific experiments, and
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kept down to a strict equivalent of the amount of carbohydrates (milk,
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movable fibrous tumour, independent of the ovarian cyst. He had
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appeared since morning. I recommended that the opium should
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Milk. — In general the most satisfactory of all foods in stomach
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desiccation — a plausible objection of Virchow's. He affirms, by
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but beneficial. This is no sign, however, of irritation of the kidney,
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the snake-charmers ; for they well know, and occasional fatal acci-
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It is our intention to investigate this matter further, for it would
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Nos. 252 and 253; the latter two were immunized by killed cultures
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vened, which no cordials or restoratives could overcome."
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Sig. — 3-5 cachets daily. (Not more than 1.00 (15 gr. ) a day should
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rounded mass twisted half-way round. It contains a large round
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State Medicine, it shall be lawful for the General Medical Council to insert
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I. Dr James Young exhibited a CHLOROFORM INHALER, which
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only wish to record further that they found no fluid in the arach-
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each cubic centimeter of disinfectant used (according to Partridge,
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compensated must be sharply distinguished from those in which the com-
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sected out the head of the bone, with the hope that this proceeding
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truth, but the general use of prophylactic means will not in very
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many of the restrictions. One principle especially governs my dietetic
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F, Splint to which the arc is attached, and on which the limb is laid. This apparatus was constructed
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obtained at 37° C. In the hanging drop the organisms show no
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bations of the original evil, the redouhlements inflammatoireSj which
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months old, and was about the size of a walnut. The skin was
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that in physic, especially in hospital practice, the best rule of treat-