The connection which exists between jDhthisical developments and bron-
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x-ray examination, will enable the physician to make a correct diagnosis.
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in these cases the mucous membrane of the intestinal tract is usually the
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the symptoms, in the small number of the pustules, and in the short time
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perforation occurs, it ordinarily takes place after a hearty meal, or from ef-
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excite adjacent pneumonic inflammation, which in some instances may be
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3. Occasionally the villus-like fringes of the synovial membrane be-
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lowablo in this disease any more than in typhoid fever or di})htheria. The
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commences about the central vein, and gradually diminishes toward the
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continued too long. When a patient with aneurism has an undue fulness
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are being crowded upon, the portal capillaries disappear, while the hepatic
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influences the prognosis. It is less dangerous in vigorous than in feeble
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Symptoms. — The symptoms < f acute pericarditis are rarely well defined.
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nUcv eiicli niovi'nicnl, will almost cirlainly control llio diarrlio'ii for a
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produced by bacteria, further, that micro-organisms are perhaps the
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chronic gastritis. There is profuse and exhausting diarrhoea alternating
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quinine, but we soon found that quinine was of no service in its treatment.
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A " cholera eruption," so-called, sometimes makes its appearance either
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throat." The severity of the cough without expectoration is a measure of